The following supplies are available from BVC. Please contact us for updated pricing and availability.

This may not be a complete list. Prices subject to change.

Aimes Transport Media (with charcoal)
Anaerobic Transport Media Tubes
Microbiology Transport Tubes (Aimes without charcoal)
Blood Agar Plate
Blood Culture Bottle
Brain / Heart Infusion (BHI) Transport Tubes
Cryptosporidium Kit
Diamond's Media (per tube)
Johne's Tubes (sterile and non-sterile)
Mailers: 4/tube/4 slide
Mueller-Hinton Plate
Mycoplasma Broth Transport
Sterile Swabs (per 100)
Trichomonas Kit
Urea Plasma Broth Transport
Viral Transport Medium (VTM)